K-Pop artist SunMi recently performed at a university festival, yes it's that time of the year in South Korea, and was seen in a very chic yellow mini-dress in plaid.

SunMi Yells At Fan Who Gets Up From Seat During Concert And Demands To Know Where He's Going


During a break between her songs, she spotted one person getting up from his seat, attempting to go somewhere.

She called him out right on the spot, and demanded to know where he was going, of course, in a very playful way. As the person who got up realized that all eyes were on him, he turned red.

However, things turned quite embarrassing and funny for SunMi as the person who got up stated that he was on his way to the bathroom.


SunMi then realized she couldn't withhold her fan from using the restroom, and apologized for stopping him.


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