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Super Junior is having a comeback since their last album “MAGIC”, which was their 10th year special anniversary album.

Super Junior Comeback After 2 Years Yet Fans Become Furious


For this comeback, it will be only the 8 members, Lee Teuk,  HeeChul, YeSung, SiWon, EunHyuk, DongHae, ShinDong and SungMin, who would be preparing the comeback. KangIn was involved in a car accident which was caused by his drunken driving, and he is still in taking his self reflection time. KyuHyun and RyeoWook are both serving in the military, so it wouldn’t be possible of them to join.

Fans of Super Junior feel thankful for their long waited comeback though some members had to be left out. However, there is a problem here. Fans believe that one of “joining member” should be OUT from the team. 

Super Junior Comeback After 2 Years Yet Fans Become Furious

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SungMin, who left a big disappointment to fans heart by his marriage controversy, is now being in a controversy again, for joining the comeback. SungMin got married on year 2014. Year 2014 was a very special year for Super Junior both in a good and a bad way.

In 2014, they had their 10th year anniversary and released an album celebrating the event. However, it was the year that Lee Teuk’s parent and his grand parent passed away. There was a lot going on with the group and the company. In these times, SungMin was known to keep nagging and pushing his marriage despite the worried voices of his parents, the company and members. Also, fans were so disappointed in him for acting such a selfish way and left.

Now, fans are wondering, for what reason is there for him to join the group. He has abandoned the group and acted for his own good when the team was having the toughest year. Also he, himself, neglected fans in Korea who does not support him and turned to fans abroad, who does not know about this well and still cheered for him.

There is nothing specific mentioned about the comeback yet, but, it’s clear that there will be a controversy of SungMin joining, and the company has to do something about it. 

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Um,.. it’s clear that this badly written article is hella biased. Really? International fans that don’t know much about him and his situation? Really? We have access to the same resources as Kfans do, and some of us can read and understand Korean (or otherwise have it translated). We aren’t dummies! We know what’s going on, we understand each argument that’s being made, but we CHOOSE to be tolerant and accepting. No matter what, all he wanted to do was be married and happy and unlike some others, ifans want that for him too.


Kangin and Sungmin should be included. Koreans fans are very harsh, international elfs are more forgiving and understanding. So nobody should be left out. And 2015 was their 10th anniversary not 2014.


I don’t think Kangin should be included.. Unlike Sungmin, he wasn’t pursuing his happiness. He put others life in danger for drunk driving twice.


Hi! Thank you for your interest. We also think Super Junior should include all of the members, but everyone has their own opinion as well. I hope you enjoy your time here 🙂


Really? What a trashy article.