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SuperM is the biggest supergroup in K-Pop and when SuperM creates a TikTok dance challenge, the world is bound to follow. Recently, SuperM created the #WeDO" dance challenge after the release of their single in partnership with Prudential Corporation Asia titled "We DO".

The dance challenge picked up momentum very soon with thousands of fans taking it on and putting their own creative spin on it. As such, each creator's video was unique and SuperM even reacted to them in a previous video. Now, SuperM is back to react to all the amazing costume changes that fans used for their "#WeDO" dance challenge.

Just as fans are head over heels for their SuperM idols, the members were equally enthralled by their fans' videos. From appreciating their style and beauty to the hidden messages behind their covers, SuperM did not miss a single detail.

Fans were also more than glad to see TaeMin, who is currently serving in the military. Kai also admitted that he was expecting elaborate costumes like a Spider-man costume but instead the fans were mostly dressed in stage outfits. Ten and Lucas even proposed a collaboration with fans! Overall, the mood was bright and playful and it showed how much they love their fans.


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