SuRan continues her mega hit after her collaboration with BTS's Suga, with a brand new collaboration with equally massive singer-songwriter, DEAN.

SuRan recently held a showcase for her upcoming new album, "Walkin'" on May 31st. The mini-album will be her first since her debut single album that topped numerous charts just a few months ago. Her debut single, 'If I Get Drunk Today' was help produced by BTS's one and only singer songwriter Suga.

SuRan is continuing her blessing of earning mega producers' help by making a comeback with DEAN.

During the showcase, Suran explained, "I have been trying to make music while not thinking of it as work, but as something I enjoy. I hope that everyone can empathize with my songs as much as I did." She then talked about her title track, "1+1=0 means that when we only do work, nothing will stay. It's basically a song about the busy people who are just overwhelmed by many things in life." 

SuRan showed gratitude for her producer DEAN, who is the star of massive hits like "D", "I'm Not Sorry" and more. SuRan's new album featuring DEAN drops on June 2nd.


SuRan Is "Walkin" With Another Collaboration After BTS's Suga

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