The new band 'SURL', which is drawing attention from the indie music industry, introduced its new song in six months.

SURL released their new single "Ferris Wheel" through YouTube on March 16, according to his agency Happy Robot Records. It is the first new song to be released since the mini album "I Know", which was released in October last year.

The track, which describes the Ferris wheel as a dreamy band sound, features an impactful guitar line and an addictive chorus by vocalist Seol Ho-seung, the agency said.

Bassist, Lee Han-bin said, "It's a song that shed a lot of our colors and worked on in an experimental style to show a different side of the music from the previous albums."

SURL is a four-member band with leader Seol Ho-seung at the center, bass Lee Han-bin, drum Oh Myung-seok and guitar Kim Do-yeon, who will present various music based on British rock and blues.

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