Suzy and Lee DongWook Officially Confirmed to be Dating

Suzy Lee DongWook
Givenchy / Twitter

2018 is proving to be a year full of love in the air as more and more K-pop idols and celebrities are being revealed to be dating someone.

South Korean actor Lee DongWook‘s agency King Kong by Starship stated that the actor and K-Pop idol Suzy were currently getting to know each other as they just recently began dating.

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JYP Entertainment

The agency also stated that the two met at a private gathering and both expressed mutual interest in giving it a shot at a relationship.

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Their initial relationship was more like one between a mentor and mentee but gradually developed into one as each others’ love interest.

This marks the birth of a beautiful new relationship between two mega South Korean celebrities.

Lee DongWook continues to remain active on television and film while Suzy is also keeping herself busy in the K-Pop scene after her recent comeback release ‘Faces of Love‘.


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