Suzy will be revealing her personal life through the reality show “OFF THE RECORD”.

On the noon of 15th, Suzy will be revealing her daily life through the reality program “OFF THE REC. SUZY”.

“OFF THE REC. SUZY” is a 10 episodes series reality program that will be produced by Makeus’ Dingo Studios, one of the leading companies of mobile contents production. The show will be broadcasted through various platforms like Dingo Studios’ NaverTV, Facebook, and YouTube.

Choi JaeYoon PD, who produced the “OFF THE REC. HyoRi” back in 2008, will be producing this series again. Choi JaeYoon PD stated, “We decided that it would be interesting to show the ‘human’ Bae Suzy that’s behind the top star Suzy we see. Since it is produced by Dingo Studios, it will be in a web series format that fits the mobile generation now.”

Suzy is in the midst of filming the reality show at the moment. “OFF THE REC. SUZY” will be broadcasted on the noon of January 15th.

Suzy to Appear on Her First Solo Reality Show “OFF THE RECORD”

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