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Just recently, South Korea's nationwide sweetheart Bae Suzy revealed her bizarre drinking habit.

During an interview with Ceci magazine's April edition, the K-Pop idol was asked what kind of editorial she would like to be featured in. She replied saying that it would be interesting to have an interview during a drinking session while audio recording themselves.

It was revealed that she actually did use that very same method with her friends. Suzy went on to say that the conversations that took place under such scenarios were surprising because people would say things that they normally wouldn't while in a sober state.

Suzy Confesses She Wants To Get Drunk During An Interview


In fact, Suzy has also revealed that she uses some of the things that she said while drunk for her lyrics as well. She stated "I'd really like to do an interview while I'm drunk. People show a part of their true selves more clearer while intoxicated and I think it would be fun."

Would it be a good idea to get drunk for an interview?


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