Suzy’s 7-years contract with JYP Entertainment will be ending soon.

When JYP Entertainment revealed 3/4 Quarter Report in 2013, they also released when contracts end for each of their artists. According to the data that was released then, Suzy’s contract will expire on March 31st of 2017. There could have been small changes in the time between, but according to JYP Entertainment, it will indeed expire this spring.

JYP Entertainment stated “The contract with Suzy will expire this spring. We’re discussing things in a comfortable atmosphere.”, stating their position regarding renewal discussion.

Suzy has recently shown her potential as a solo artist, making people wonder whether she will remain with JYP or not.

Suzy has recently released her first solo album “Yes? No?”

Suzy’s Contract with JYP to End Soon, Discussing Renewal

JYP Entertainment

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