MISS A’s member Suzy has gotten involved in a “Lolita” controversy with photos from the past.

The photos that are involved in this controversy is from “Suzy? Suzy”, Suzy’s first photo book from November, 2015.

“Lolita” contents are often criticized for its connection with “pedophilia”. And in the discussed photos, many items that reminds one of Lolita complex shows up. Despite the photographer explaining that the photoshoot did not have Lolita theme in consideration, items like crayon, flower hairpin, and holding onto a book with princesses on it has been accused of evoking Lolita complex ideas. Netizens are leaving many posts on SNS and various other websites, calling for Suzy to respond to the controversy.

JYP Entertainment later responded on this controversy, announcing that they will legally confront this matter. “The post that only took a few of the photo book and wordings is groundless. The location and the outfit has been chosen with the intention to sharpen the focus on “oldies”, “kitsch” feeling, and the original intentions of the photos have nothing to do with the controversy that’s being discussed right now.”

JYP Entertainment continued, “Distribution of this photo book is an infringement of copyrights and portrait rights, and posts with malicious intentions, malicious comments, and all related personal attacks will be confronted with legal actions.”

What do you think about the photos that are being discussed?

Suzy Gets Involved in “Lolita” Controversy Suzy Gets Involved in “Lolita” Controversy Suzy Gets Involved in “Lolita” Controversy Suzy Gets Involved in “Lolita” Controversy

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