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YouTuber Yang YeWon has recently been making headlines in South Korea lately after confessing that she was a victim of a sex crime.

Yang has stated that up to twenty men sexually harassed her during a photo shoot, where she was coerced into being naked throughout the entire time. She has also stated that the men threatened to release the photos online if she did not fulfill her contractual obligations for additional photo shoots. What was even more shocking was her claim that there were locks on all the doors inside the studio where the photo shoot took place.

K-Pop idol and actress Suzy recently expressed her sympathy for Yang YeWon while also uploading a screenshot of her support for the petition that is currently being made to South Korea's Blue House. The petition is requesting the South Korean government to thoroughly investigate the situation.

Suzy Shows Support To Alleged Sex Crime Victim Yang YeWon


The agency responsible for the photo shoot has responded and stated that Yang's accusations are completely false and the photo shoot took place upon consent. In addition, the agency has also stated that they will be filing a lawsuit against Yang for false accusations.


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