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Suzywill be donating sanitary pads to low income female teenagers with the sales of her beauty book "OBSESSION WITH SUZY".

On May 25, the teaser for her beauty book "OBSESSION WITH SUZY" was released on Lancome's official YouTube channel. If you have yet to check it out, you can do so below.

Through the beauty book, fans would be able to see the sides of Suzy which is the most 'her' and the diversity images of her trying to find her unique beauty. They will also be able to take a look at the moments when Suzy showed off her one and only charisma, growing maturity and natural sides too.

Aside from that, all the sales of the beauty book will be used to donate sanitary pads to the female teenagers from lower income.

Suzy To Donate Sanitary Pads To Female Teenagers From Low Income Family With Sales Of Beauty Book

Soop Management

Fans are really happy to see that she is contributing to the society by helping those in need.

Suzy will be appearing in tvN drama "Start-Up" and movie "Wonderland".


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