Suzy vs SeolHyun’s Crazy Diet Menus. Whose Do You Prefer?



Suzy vs SeolHyun’s Crazy Diet Menus. Whose Do You Prefer?

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Suzy of Miss A an SeolHyun of AOA were born as a goddess but also they went trough harsh diet in order to have perfect body shapes. Here’s two menus of Suzy and SeolHyun, so just take a look and compare!

Every female must have dreamed about their perfect body after successive diet. However, most female gave up dieting because they feel difficulty keeping foods away and enduring lots of junk foods. Comparing to other common people’s diet experience, Suzy and SeolHyun are self-made beauties. But they lost their weight based on different diet menus, so just look at them and choose one of them which fits more to you! 

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In the morning, she eats chicken breasts, a sweet potato, and a cup of low fat milk. As a lunch, she eats cooked brown rice and salads. At the end of the day, she eats only 2 sweet potato as dinner.

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self beauty




2.SeolHyun’s DIET MENU

Surprisingly, SeolHyun has a meal a day. Then, is a meal including lot’s of calories? The answer is definately NO. She only eats chicken breasts, a sweet potato, and a boiled egg.  These are only things she eat all day. How is it possible that she dances and sings all day with these few calories?

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self beauty




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I definitely prefer Suzy’s! Their bodies aren’t even that different. Suzy is just as skinny and her breakfast is Seolhyun’s whole day!


omg i can never do dat