T-ARA, on Their Last Tiara in this Comeback

T-ARA will be releasing their last album on May 17th, and is to disband afterwards. 

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On this coming May, T-ARA’s contract will come to an end, and so, their comeback on this May will be their last album as a team. Their performance for this album will end on June, with concerts in Korea and outside as well.
T-ara, one of the longest living idol working for 9 years, debuted in 2009 and released diverse hit songs such as ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’, ‘Roly-Poly’ and ‘Time to Love’.

However, after they have gone through bullying issue of Ryu HwaYoung, they lost their popularity, and was condemned harshly. From then, they rarely performed inside Korea, but in other countries. In one television show, EunJung mentioned about the issue and said that it was true that they had to apologize but, the public did not and till now, do not know everything. She said with tears, “I hope the public would just hear us out after some time, and love our music again.”

There are still controversies of Ryu HwaYoung issue, some  still are not so happy to see them performing. However, others support T-ARA

, saying that what they have gone through was almost like a witch hunt, and hope best with their last album. 


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HwaYoung Argues Back to Her Former Stylist of T-ara

Ryu HwaYoung, former member of T-ara, commented how annoyed she is on what her past stylist said on air.

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Ryu HwaYoung was a former member of T-ara, but left the group because of being bullied by other members. After she was left, she has been working as an actress and is now on television dramas. After she moved on, T-ara was still in the middle of a controversy their personalities immoral to be an idol.

One of the stylist of T-ara was on air, talking about HwaYoung’s Bully issue. She was taking the side of T-ara and said that HwaYoung was such a rude girl, addressing her stylists and hairdressers as “Shampoo” and was mean to them. After it was aired, HwaYoung posted on her Instagram “I know you are friends with HyoMin, but you cannot just make up stories like that. Just woke up and being dumbfounded by the news…”

 The bullying issue of T-ara seemed to be still going on, and this was not just a problem happened to them, but other groups as well

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Ryu HwaYoung Adds Fuel to the T-ARA Controversy Fire

Ryu HwaYoung added fuel to the fire with a post on her SNS.

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On 16th, Ryu HwaYoung wrote a post on her Instagram that added fuel to the T-ARA controversy fire. She started the post with “Dear haters”.

“It seems that you want disgusting official statements that say ‘it’s your fault’ ‘it’s my fault’. This all started 5 years ago as we portrayed our disappointments to each other. We were too young and immature.”

She continued, “Dear haters who just wants us to grab each other’s hairs and have a dirty fight, how about you regulate yourself?”

This was a warning to netizens to stop the negative comments towards her. However, many netizens reacted negatively towards this because she was the one who brought up the T-ARA incident again on tvN’s “Taxi” with tears in her eyes. Many netizens pointed out that if she didn’t bring up this topic, the former staff wouldn’t have spoken up, and netizens wouldn’t be hating on her so much.

More information regarding this controversy can be read in the following articles.

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