TaeYang said, "Min HyoRin gives me the biggest inspiration always." 

On August 16th, TaeYang opened a press for his comeback with new album "WHITE NIGHT". He expressed his love toward Min HyoRin, saying that "She is my lover so she is my muse to give me the biggest part of musical inspiration". TaeYang dated with Min HyoRin for 3 years. 

There were some guesses from netizens who checked the track list of new album a few days ago, which is that he recently broke up with Min HyoRin because there are songs that seem like sad songs. Fans are talking about that maybe it indicates their relationship ended. Especially, 'Darling' , the title song of this album, was misunderstood as a song of sad broke up. 

Also he revealed that he will appear actively in many reality or variety programs on TV. He said, "Somehow, the next comeback after "WHITE NIGHT" seems to be much later. Because his army service is waiting for him now. " and "I think I will join the army after I finished all these things well in this year".

In addition, he spoke up about T.O.P, the member of BIGBANG, "He is my best friend and hyung who is going through the hardest time now. I want to console him." and "For that time, being together next him is just the best, I think, so I often visit him as possible as I can." 


TaeYang Confesses That Min HyoRin Is Muse Giving Inspiration To Him

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