A video including SNSD's TaeYeon being bumped by too close cameras was released. Fans got furious.

Regarding TaeYeon's accident at Jakarta airport, many netizens and fans are upset about lax security of SM Entertainment. What made fans upset is the video filming TaeYeon bumped by cameras and uncontrolled, rude fans at the airport. Fans blamed SM of paying not enough attention on TaeYeon's security.

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In the video, TaeYeon was surrounded by huge crowds who are unruly trying to interrupt her way and even touch her body. What fans are upset about is that Jakarta has history for some similar accidents to other K-Pop artists and SM Entertainment must have considered that fact. The management company of an artist should try best to protect one's security, however, SM entertainment is being criticized by their lack of responsibility.

Some Netizens claim the question if SM intentionally neglected the management on TaeYeon because she didn't contract for renewal in SM. However, this claim was just rumored claim since it's not sure whether she signed with SM again.

TaeYeon's Fans Get Upset By SM's Lax Security

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