TaeYeon Under Heat Again Right After Recent Careless Driving

The K-Pop idol seems to be relentlessly making efforts to keep herself together and continue being active amidst strong criticisms from the South Korean public.

Her recent careless driving caused an online uproar in the South Korea. She crashed her Benz into a taxi cab, causing the cab to crash into an Audi in front of it, making it a double collision. The South Korean fire department and emergency medical response team have released an official statement saying they never in any way gave special priorities to TaeYeon over the victims that were involved in the accident. 

Just barely a week over the incident, it turns out that she appeared recently on TV for a Paris Baguette CF. Paris Baguette is a bakery franchise in South Korea. While it is loved by some South Koreans, it is also disliked by a handful of others with a passion as well. The bakery franchise also had a troublesome run-in with the law as well for illegally hiring bakers.

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And so what happens when you combine an A-list idol who recently made headlines for causing a car accident with a bakery notorious for shady operations? A hate-fest filled with netizens spewing out some of the most savage comments. Here are some of them below.

The timing is impeccable.

These two deserve each other.”


Paris Baguette was nasty to begin with, but now this? No way I’m going near the place.”

Guess I’m going to Tous Le Jours for the rest of my life now.”

I think Paris Baguette is using this because it was already made before and don’t want to waste production investement.”

The lowest and worst kinds always stick together.”

I can’t tell if I’m cringing because of the cake or her.”

TaeYeon and Paris Baguette? The worst combination.”

Well at this point…they both have nothing to lose. They’ve gone as low as possible.”

This forecasts an extremely un-merry Christmas.”

“Eww..help..my eyes…

Never again…”


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