TaeYeon of SNSD and Choi SiWon of Super Junior were condemned by fans in China for supporting THAAD, one of the ongoing diplomatic problem between Korea and China.

TaeYeon, SiWon Gets Involved in Diplomatic Issue


TaeYeon posted on her Instagram of a candy, saying ”Why do you taste so good today?”. SiWon ‘Liked’ the photo of a rainy day his sister on SNS. The problem of two photo was that, it contained “Lotte”, a company which supports THADD.

Chinese fans took this as them supporting THADD, where China is opposed to, and they took it against them. A number of fans condemned them of posting such pictures, while others support them for having no such meaning in those pictures. SM Entertainment also supported both singers by saying that they are not involved in any diplomatic sides, and they had no intentions of showing any meaning.

Korea’s K-Pop was damaged hugely by this issue, and how Korean wave (hallyu) will decide to take actions about such collisions is being debated.

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