EXID’s Hani for GRAZIA Korea Magazine March 2019 Issue

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5 Celebrities Who Look Ready To Party On The Beach Wearing Rash Guard

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EXID’s Hani For Cosmopolitan Korea Magazine July Issue

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EXID’s Hani And OH MY GIRL’s ARin Hang Out With Each Other

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K-Pop Idols With High IQ’s

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Female K-Pop Idols With The Prettiest Eyebrows


K-Netizens Criticize Hani Of EXID For Not Sexualizing Herself Enough

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EXID’s Hani New Hairstyle Astonishes Fans

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EXID Hani For May Issue Of MAPS Magazine 2018

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Netizens Hilariously Compared This Item With EXID’s Recent Outfits

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Artist Profiles

EXID Profile: Banana Culture Entertainment’s Five Member Girl Group

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Photo )) EXID’s Hani For Makeup Brand ‘KATE’ X ELLE Magazine

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What It’s Like When Female Idols Make Eye Contact With You

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Idols That Currently Reign in South Korea As K-Pop Royalty

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4 K-Pop Idols Who Were Bullied In School

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EXID Hani Looking Like a Goddess in 2017 KCTA

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Release New MV

MV )) Luna, Hani, Solar – Honey Bee

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Luna, Hani, and Solar Collaborates for Park GunTae’s Project

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Popular Video on YouTube

Video )) HaNi & SeolHyun & Tzuyu – Tell Me + Nobody (DMC Festival)

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Remarkable OUTSIDE K-IDOLS : My Little Television

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10 Things K-Pop Stars Own To Complete Their Ultimate Beauty

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