WM Entertainment

WM Entertainment released the teaser for “Coloring Book”, a comeback album for OH MY GIRL.

Take a Glimpse of  "Coloring Book" from OH MY GIRL's Comeback

WM Entertainment

In the tease, the fans could glimpse on what concept this comeback would be, and again, they sure knew what image they had, being lovely as spring pink. The vivid colors of pink were everywhere, with flowers, balloons and rainbow, making the teaser even lovelier.

A hand with a coloring book increases curiosity of fans, and it throws the message that they aren’t just naïve pretty girls, but something more.

They have performed ‘Liar Liar’ and ‘Windy Day’ last year, and is preparing another great music with unique performances that well fits their characters.

The 4th mini album “Coloring Book” will be released on this coming April 3rd and 6:00 p.m.

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