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If there's one couple all of the K-Pop fandom roots for, it is HyunA and DAWN. After being wrongfully dismissed from Cube Entertainment for disclosing the fact of their relationship, HyunA and DAWN joined P Nation and paved a way for themselves as soloists, which made them even more successful than ever before. Recently, it was announced that HyunA and DAWN would be debuting as a duo, making them the first-ever couple to debut together.


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Furthermore, the two will be starring in their very own reality series on Studio Lululala called "I'm Fine, Thank You And You?", which will explore the daily life of the couple. It is expected to show fans both the dreamy sides of their relationship as well as unfiltered raw and real moments that fans might not know about.

In a recently released teaser, HyunA is seen on camera and DAWN is behind it as they have a playful conversation about love. While HyunA says that she went to see him while thinking about love, DAWN cuts in by saying that love is something you feel, not think about.

DAWN continued by asking her how she felt after seeing him, to which she responds by saying that he was handsome. DAWN further asked her how handsome he was, to which she replied by emphasizing that he was indeed the most handsome man in the world.

We can't get enough of their adorable chemistry. Will you be watching "I'm Fine, Thank You And You?"?


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