Teaser )) IU – Through The Night

Teaser )) IU – Through The Night (밤편지)

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IU Donates a Meaningful Gift to Her High School

IU, donated 25,000,000 won to her high school to help students pay for universities and colleges.

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IU, graduated from Donduk Women’s High School, and did not continue her way on to university, but chose her way to be a musician. However, she knew the importance of universities and colleges for other students, and donated money for them to pay for the tuition fee.

She was on the school’s newspaper, saying that she has been donating from 2013 for student who could not afford to pay, not those who study the best. Also, as time passes, the more she has been giving for them.

The article said that, they would cheer for IU and her work, and not forget her warm heart for her junior colleagues.

IU, IU comeback, IU letter from the night, IU Bampyeonji, IU 4th album

Loen Entertainemnt

IU is to comeback this April 21st, with 4th official album. She will be releasing her first track “Letters from the night (Bam Pyeonji)” this coming 24th, and will be opening a new song again in April 7th. The title song will be available on April 21st.

A special project of pre-release will be her concept of this album.

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IU Comeback Starts with the Help of Hyuk Oh

IU is officially having a comeback on April with a new album.

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IU, IU collaboration, IU Comeback, IU April


She is done recording all her tracks long ago, so it is just waiting for be heard to fans. On this coming March 24th, she will be open one track from her new album, which was featured by Hyuk Oh, one of the hottest young band in Korea.

She is known to be a big fan of Hyuk Oh and said that she would hope for a chance to work together. She achieved her wish, as the band cooperated with her new album. It was not their first time to meet each other for they have seen each other in music festival of “Infinity Challenge”, because they were both invited as the guiding musicians.

Both of them have unique, quiet yet strong and touching voice, so fans expect a great harmony between them.

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