TEENTOP’s L.Joe is in a conflict with his management company, TOP Media.

L.Joe has recently notified TOP Media that he will be filing for nullification of contract. However, 10 months still remain in his contract.

TOP Media stated on 10th, “L.Joe one-sidedly notified us of the nullification of contract through his lawyer. Because 10 months remained in his contract (contract expires in January 10th, 2018), we asked him to participate in the remaining group activities but L.Joe has notified us that he will not participate in any activities.”

TOP Media continued “We and the members hope that TEENTOP will be a long-lasting group.”

They also stated “The new album that is scheduled to be released in March is the first official album after a year. Members are all working hard to unite once again. L.Joe has participated in the first recording, but since then, has notified us of the nullification of the contract and has notified he will not participate in any activities nor in the album preparation.”

TOP Media stated “We and the members, are still hoping that he will work faithfully as a TEENTOP member for the remaining contract period.”

The conflict with L.Joe and TOP Media began earlier when a negotiation with a drama fell through. L.Joe claimed that when the drama staffs wanted to cast L.Joe, TOP Media asked them to pay 7 times what they offered, interfering with his drama appearance and acting career.

Regarding this, TOP Media stated “We were in the middle of the usual negotiations regarding the pay, including the factors of publication rights overseas, OST, derivative works, and additional works. However, L.Joe negotiated with the production company without involving his management company and one-sidedly notified us. The management company was following the usual negotiation process and what L.Joe claims is different from what happened.”

One representative stated “We were in the final stages of negotiations with the production company, and there were some parts we did not agree on but we’ve expressed that we wanted to follow what L.Joe wanted to do. Despite the company’s effort, he has filed for nullification of contract because we were not able to finalize his drama appearance within the period he wanted.”

TEENTOP’s L.Joe in a Conflict with TOP Media


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