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ITZY member ChaeRyeong has had it quite tough since the past, as there have been moments when people criticized her appearance.

In fact, things were so bad at one point that even her mother had to step in and write a lengthy post on social media pleading with netizens to not be so cruel and harsh towards her daughter.

Hard to believe as she is both beautiful and talented, this has naturally caused her to be insecure about her appearance over time, as revealed by her.

During a somewhat recent live broadcast, ChaeRyeong revealed just how much the girl group's fandom, MIDZY, have helped her overcome her insecurities involving her appearance.

She thanked the fans for calling her pretty and that in the past, she always felt insecure about her ears the most. However, she revealed that now she goes around everywhere with her ears showing clearly.

And what's even more touching is how she stated:

"It's my dream to become someone who can be a good influence to others. But the thing is, I feel like I'm getting more of that from you guys, and I can't help but truly feel lucky and grateful. I keep every single one of your letters in my heart."

Below are some of the reactions from the fans.


And quite frankly, we don't even know why all of this was an issue in the first place because she's just too beautiful to be someone being criticized about appearances.

Thumbs up to MIDZY for really showing her for who she truly is!

Thanks To MIDZY ITZY’s ChaeRyeong No Longer Feels Insecure About Her Appearance




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May 27, 2021 06:37 am

Chaeryeong is very beautiful and cute at the same time. Plus she's a really good dancer and singer. She deserves to be in Itzy and the love shown to her by her fellow members is touching. As a fan of the group i would say the haters are just jealous and don't see true talent, but anyway iam glad that she has confidence in herself now😁😁😁💖💖