The 5 Hottest Korean Gold Single Celebrities

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The 5 Hottest Korean Gold Single Celebrities

hot gold single

The fancy gold singles remind of the Montaigne’s famous words, “Marriage is like a cage.”

Like the Montaigne’s words, do hot people really avoid marriage to continue their freedom? If young forever, there is no reason to get into the cage, but there are lots of advantages in the marriage life and it is better to find your life partner before you get really older. There are many Top stars living by their selves with no official announcement about marriage yet. It is sometimes sad to watch them getting aged alone year by year. However, their single life is not because they can’t marry, but they chose to.

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Nothing to worry and let’s just watch which gold single stars are hottest. Enjoy!! The chart for HOT gold single celebrities is released. In the list, numerous HOT stars, who is single, are mentioned, and the top numbers are picked among those.


Hottest Gold Single Stars

1st : Jung Woo Sung

He won the first rank of the hot gold single chart. He is well known for another HOT gold single star Lee Jeong Jae’s best friend since they met while filming the movie, “City of the Rising Sun (1998)”. Not only his sexy appearance, his wealth is assumed to get him the No.1. Ignoring his other financial sources, the market value of his own house is known as about 3.7 million U.S. dollars.

jung woo sung gold single

2nd : Kim Hye Su

Since she debuted at the movie, “Kkambo” in 1986, she has maintained the throne of female top star in korea. Her brilliant achievement gives her not just fame, but overwhelming financial power. She owns a luxury villa, whose market values as about 2 million dollars, located in Jong-Ro Seoul.

kim hye su gold single

3rd : So Ji-sub

So Ji-sub is loved by numerous global fans. This HOT guy also owns the strongest wealth. He paid about 80 thousand dollars for each episode of drama series. His own favorite car is valued as 200 thousand dollars. He owns two buildings at Non Hyun Dong, Gangnam. His house is a luxury villa, located at Han Nam Dong.

so ji-sub gold single

4th : Park Hyuk Kwon

It has not been a long time that he has been spotlighted. However, there must be no one busy like him now. Since he started his acting career from the play stages, he has gradually developed; he has appeared at 27 dramas and 40 movies. From a couple of years ago, he has risen as a top star and appears about 8 dramas per year. His tall height and sense of humor completes him as the HOT gold single.

park hyuk kwon gold single

5th : Choi Ji Woo

Choi Ji Woo is perfect in many aspects. She is rich, which is the result of her continuous working without big break since she debuted. Her excellent cooking and positive personality get her in the top 5 single celebrity chart. In her interview, “I am happy now. I enjoy being relax and no stress with me in this status. This is not like my 20’s and 30’s life, which was full of work.” She is satisfied with her present, and her positive mind makes her really adorable.

choi ji woo gold single

In addition to those top 5, Ha Jung Woo at the 6th, Kim Hyun Joo at 7th and Yoo Hae Jin at 8th are ranked.