The 6 Sexiest And Most Revealing Idol Girl Lingerie Bodies

Which female idol looks sexiest in her lingerie?

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To fulfill their fans’ instant gratification needs, the hottest celebrities in K-Pop are taking it all off—and flashing lots of skin—all in the name of social media. These sexy stars aren’t afraid to slink into some insufficiently-dressed lingerie and share it on news medias. Is there any greater pleasure than seeing a hot girl in her underwear? Now that the warmer months are finally here, we’ll see more and more celebrities donning two-pieces and hitting fans’ minds.

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These lingerie brands worn by female idol stars are popping up everywhere and making beautiful creations of the softest silk, the best fabric and often include pieces of fine jewellery and precious metals. Each underwear brand below has a distinct sense of style and different sources of inspiration, with so many places to choose from it’s easy to find lingerie that will make you feel great wearing it.

Keep scrolling to see the top shots and, if you can’t get enough of stars in underwear, be sure to check out how the idol girls rock their lingerie looks in these hot snaps!


Nicole: The former KARA star looking sexy in lingerie is bringing sexy back! She in the pictorials showed sense of maturity that she never showed before.Nicole lingerie

KyungRi: Who can deny KyungRi’s lingerie-clad hottie such as this?nine muses kyungri lingerie

Solar: MAMAMOO’s main vocalist has flaunted her incredible curves once again, by stripping down to the lingerie to mark the commercial brand’s latest lingerie

HyoMin: The title of the photoshoot was ‘Solb As Candy’, and just like the title, HyoMin looked sweet with an added dose of sexy.t-ara hyomin

Jun HyoSung: Jung HyoSung recently returned with a solo album did a very memorable advertisement for Yes. I will remember it forever.jun hyosung lingerie

YeWon: The hot body girl looks as feminine and sexy as ever, and in particular, she exudes charisma stealing the hearts of fans all over again.yewon lingeri

Top 9 The Sexiest Stage Costumes Of Kpop Singers

The music, performance, stage effects and outfits are some of the factors that Kpop fans consider when choosing which singer or performance to watch.

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Which do you consider to be the most important? Within a rigid society, most of K-stars have always been free-spirited on their stage. They’re bold with flakey fashion styles and the atmosphere is free spirited and far less restrictive than other celebrities.  

Instead of focusing on the artists’ music, more people make stage costumes their top priorityMost interestingly, most singers’ latest tracks try to satisfy people’s list of priorities. So now it’s time to show off their sexy bodys. There’s no better time to look for the costumes because from the best beach body Hyuna to the perfect S-line idol Seolhyun, their sexy outfits are in. The reason is as follows. 

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Click through to see all 9 of the sexiest outfits of music stage in Kpop industry.


Female Singers Ver. 

AOA’s Seolhyunkpop sexist outfit seolhyun


The 9 Korean singers’ performances were already taped ㅡbut you can score a front row seat to all the sexy bodies via Kpopmap always!  


Bambino’s Eunsol

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kpop sexist outfit bambino


Top 9 The Sexiest Stage Costumes Of Kpop Singers.


Girl’s Day’s Mina

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kpop sexist outfit girls day


Top 9 The Sexiest Stage Costumes Of Kpop Singers.


Rainbow BLAXX’s Woori

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kpop sexist outfit rainbow blaxx


Top 9 The Sexiest Stage Costumes Of Kpop Singers.


Seo Inyoung

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kpop sexist outfit seo inyoung


Top 9 The Sexiest Stage Costumes Of Kpop Singers.


2NE1’s CL

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kpop sexist outfit CL2


Top 9 The Sexiest Stage Costumes Of Kpop Singers.


4Minute’s Hyuna

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kpop sexist outfit HYUNA


Top 9 The Sexiest Stage Costumes Of Kpop Singers.



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kpop sexist outfit iu


Top 9 The Sexiest Stage Costumes Of Kpop Singers.


Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain

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kpop sexist outfit gain


Top 3 Female Rookie Idols With Sexiest Body

Whose charm includes a fierce individuality blended perfectly with feminine allure. Isn’t she something?

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Among many Korean girl group idols debuted in 2015, some girls are distinctively conspicuous. Pretty faces still attract many fans, but hot body line cannot be ignored. Because of the body fitness fever all around the world, many people long for good body figures, and this trend is well drawn in the Korea entertainment world. Celebrities never give up their body figures. Most idols have fine body lines, but some show off their outstanding body figures. Today, let’s see who has the sexiest body among the newly debuted girl group idols.

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1. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Seulgi is picked as the No.1 body line owner in Red Velvet. In her usual performances, she shows off her abs. Her robust abs seem to be worked out for at least a year, and her very slim waist gives a curvy on her body. Even though she is not that tall, she still shows a model velvet seulgi body

2. Sowon (GFriend)

Have you ever watched a GFriend’s performance? If yes, you could find a conspicuous girl who is tall like a runway model. It is Sowon. According to her official profile, her height is 172 cm, but she looks taller than the actual height. Her long stretched legs remind us one of the Victoria’s Secret angels. She graces GFriend for sure.

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gfriend sowon height

3. Tzuyu (Twice)

She is perfect; perfect face and perfect body. She actually represents her group, TWICE. You can’t take off your eyes when you see her face first, then can’t get her out of your head once you see her HOT body. She owns curvy body line and, not like other idol girls, she is not super skinny. She is still skinny, but looks so healthy sexy. Flat abs, curvy body, and tiny waist complete her ultimate beauty.

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tzuyu twice body