A lot of movie makers in Hollywood are famous for their great computer graphics and not many can catch up with their technology. Movies such as Transfomers are mostly consisted of CGs and they seem so real.

Using CG has broaden the topics media can handle, such as space, robots and animal talking. However, the technology should be used quite carefully because it might bring a negative effect on the viewers. Instead of showing a new world made by imaginations, it can break the imaginations viewers already had.

Recently in the drama "The Bride of the Water God", awkward moment by far gone CG made people laugh hard. It was a scene were the Water God had to save his bride falling from the top of the building. 

Guess how he saved her? 

He jumps off the building with his WATER PROTECTION.

Be with her in his water protections!

And Tadahhh! She is saved!

The viewers thought that the scene was hilarious and it broke their attentive mode. Be minded that too much CGs can really hit viewers hard with reality.

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Jul 22, 2017 06:35 pm

what are you talking about?! That was an awesome comeback of his powers! tcchh

Jul 24, 2017 06:05 pm
Reply to  Guest

Hello! haha yeah! It's true for sure 🙂