THE BOYZ Breaks Usual Way Of Covering Girl Groups’ Dances



THE BOYZ Breaks Usual Way Of Covering Girl Groups’ Dances

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The way boy groups cover girl groups’ dances is a debate online.

Recently, THE BOYZ released on their You Tube channel the cover dance of Girls’ Generation‘s ‘The Boys’ and KARA‘s ‘Lupin’.

Viewers can see that they ‘properly cover’ the original dances and show their hard work while dancing on their sunbaenim’s songs.

It might be nothing special for some fans. But some netizens started to praise them for breaking with the old ‘tradition’ or ‘habit’ of other boy groups. They explained that a huge majority of boy groups covering girl groups’ dances will do it in a fun way and while making fun of the dance. According to them, none of the male idols do it seriously and with hard work. Some fans even said that they got the feeling that some male idols slightly despise girl groups’ dances.

Of course, they would be some exception to that ‘habit’ but netizens highlighted their opinion while saying it was ‘common’ and that a ‘majority’ do it like this.

For example, when iKON or BTS covered Red Velvet‘s dances, they were identified by some netizens as ‘mocking’ or ‘disrespectful’, while other said it was only for entertainment. Objectively, they did not follow the original version of the dance (entertaining or not).

To finalize their argument, they said that girl groups covering boys dances do it with all their heart and sincerity and wondered why in the other way it is not. For example.  WJSN, MOMOLAND, and Gugudan did outstanding covers for Japan KCON 2018 such as TVXQ‘s ‘MIROTIC’, SUPER JUNIOR‘s ‘Mr.Simple’, BTS’s ‘DOPE’ etc.

To conclude, according to some netizens, THE BOYZ is finally giving a ‘proper’ cover of girl groups’ dances.

What do you think of this issue?


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