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Which BTS member hurts themselves unintentionally the most?

He hails from Busan, South Korea and stands at 174 cm tall. He's also one of the best dancers in the K-Pop industry as well, moving with such grace and elegance.

It's none other that JiMin!

The BTS Member Who Somehow Manages To Unintentionally Hurt Himself

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JiMin in the past has done some hilarious yet somewhat painful things to himself accidentally. It just shows how adorable he is when he's not displaying his sexy charisma on stage.

You can check some of the moments out below.


This side kick straight to his head.


When you clap a little too hard.


For the love of God, the thing is made out of metal!


Very unwise.


How does this even happen? Hopefully, his front teeth are okay.


Sure you don't need to get your elbow checked out?



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