The Difference Found Between “IDOL School” and “Produce 101”

A lot of us thought of “Idol School” to have a similar system with that of “Produce 101.” However, the program related staff has been constantly stating that there will be a difference. Now that “Idol School” had its first episode aired, let’s try to compare and contrast the two programs.

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The programs are both from Mnet and their utmost goal is to produce a debut team. However, while Produce 101 was more of the competition, Idol School is more an education. As the name says it, it is to teach girls how to be a professional idol by teaching them “understanding the dance movements”, “what idol is 101” and “how to react to unexpected accidents on stages.” Though some may say, Produce 101 had classes as well, it cannot be said the same since they were only thought to sing and dance the song “PICK ME.”

The second difference is found in how the programs are aired. When Produce 101 was filmed and edited before it was aired, Idol School sends out the program live and gets feedback in real time. Also, their participants make a huge difference. It was entertainments’ trainees who joined Produce 101, while it is just ordinary girls who are not in an entertainment joining the school. 

The last difference is found in their training camp. When girls and boys from Produce 101 stayed temporarily, 2-3 days mostly, if long, a week max. However, students in idol school are all in their training camp until the program is over like real school dormitory. They have rules of cell phones and use of gadgets just like any other dormitories at school.

Idol School is consisted of 11 episodes overall, and it’s only 10 episodes left. Try to be prudent when leaving comments and picking your favorite girl because they haven’t got much chances! 

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The Two Top Girls Who’s Got the Most Retweeted in “IDOL School” Twitter

As day goes closer to the first broadcast of “Idol School”, more people seemed to be interested. SNS of official “Idol School” as well as girl’s personal SNS’ seemed to be pouring with people’s visit day by day.

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Since this kind of program has never been aired before, the public is more than ever interested in figuring out how things would work. Also, since the students aren’t either trainees or idols, the only way to know about them is through official homepage and SNS like Twitter.

There were two girls who got the most attention in Twitter. It was Seo HyeRin, a girl who used to be a trainee in SM entertainment and Natty, who was trained in JYP. In case of Natty, the fact that she is a foreigner draws more attention of both Korean and foreign fans.


This is the current official Tweet of HyeRin.

Idol School, Idol School Profile, Natty, Seo HyeRin

Idol School Official Twitter


This is the current official Tweet of Natty.

Idol School, Idol School Profile, Natty, Seo HyeRin

Idol School Official Twitter

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Will All the 41 Girl be Able to Graduate From “Idol School”?

“Idol School” is making such a huge boom even before the start like Produce 101 seasons. It has already went through some controversies, but despite the critical opinions, the program is going to be aired as planned and the 41 girls who were able to enter the school were revealed. 

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Though we have been curious of who are to join, what we were also curious of was the system of the program. The rule of the school is debut right after graduation. 41 girls? Debut after the program? The number and the rule of the school made it hard for us to imagine. 

The program has finally opened up their system. Basically, only the few girls who topped the rank will be able to debut. The program will be collecting text messages during the program so the girls will be checking the reactions of people in real time. The text message is to give reactions and viewers vote the girl. Aside from the text messages, a registered members vote will counts as well.

A “Registered Members” can be anyone who have at least voted once through text messages. The registered members are divided into three groups, from white, pink to blue. The white is the weakest and the blue is the most powerful members. There are different benefits given to respective groups, but all their evaluations of the 41 students will all count and be used to grade the students.

The program is to be aired from July 13th, and the text votes start from then. Whether they’ve got the talent to debut will be judged by the viewers and the viewers only. 

The program is expected to be full of tension since the online(text) votes as well as registered members evaluation will be given to the girls weekly. Also, the girls’ reaction after they have seen the comments of the viewers being aired is expected to be a pressure and create tension.

Though we still have lots of questions about the new school, let’s try to wait calmly until the July 13th, and see how things roll.

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