Back in 2018, news of K-Pop idol band The East Light members being abused by their producer Moon YoungIl broke out and shocked the nation as stories of the producer allegedly strangling the members with electric guitar wires and beating them with baseball bats began to spread like wildfire.

The worst part of these stories was that the members claim they have been abused for several years.

The first trial hearing was held on March 5th, where Moon and the CEO were suspected of habitual child abuse. Moon has so far admitted to abusing the K-Pop band members but has also claimed that the media has falsely portrayed his character.

According to Moon’s attorney,

“We admit to all the charges. However, the media has portrayed producer Moon in a way where he habitually abused the band members out of sheer pleasure and enjoyment, which is entirely not true.”

The legal representatives of both the CEO and the director of The East Light’s agency has also argued against using the statements of the members’ parents and other acquaintances as evidence. As a result, The East Light members Lee SeokCheol and Lee SeungHyun have been summoned to the next trial, which will take place on April 19th.

Stay tuned for updates!


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