After a lengthy process in court, K-Pop band The East Light's CEO, Kim ChangHwan, has recently received his sentencing from the South Korean authorities.

A while back, the band came forth and revealed that they had been abused by a producer in the company for years including instances of beatings with a baseball bat and strangulation by guitar strings. The producer, Moon YoungIl, has been sentenced to two years in prison, while the agency itself has received a fine of approximately $17,000.

Kim has been given a two year probation sentence, while liable of facing up to eight months in prison should he be found guilty of another similar crime. While the producer was directly responsible for the physical abuse on the K-Pop band members,  the CEO's sentencing has been based on the fact that he neglected to take necessary action despite knowing that the abuse was taking place.

Furthermore, Kim has expressed his intent on seeking for an appeal as he feels that the ruling of the court was not fair.

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