A court session regarding the assault of K-Pop idol band The East Light took place on May 7th, and the father of band members Lee SukChul and Lee SeungHyun appeared to give his testimony.

According to the father, Lee WooSuk, his sons expressed fear about being present around the agency's producer Moon YoungIl. In one particular instance that took place back in June 13th, 2017, he stated:

"Moon YoungIl producer scolded SeungHyun over something related to a soccer game. SeungHyun didn't want to return to the agency. I remember him crying while saying that the producer would beat him to death if he returned..But I suggested he go back. Both SeungHyun and SukChul came back home at around 11 PM."

When the boys returned home in the middle of the night, Lee WooSuk was shocked to discover that SeungHyun was sweating and in considerable pain. SukChul helped SeungHyun out of his clothes and Lee WooSuk found bruises on his son's body,

Lee WooSuk stated that the agency didn't provide SeungHyun with any sort of medical treatment and that it was a stylist who came to his aid by covering up a "hole" on SeungHyun's and SukChul's head.

Lee WooSuk also stated that his sons asked why he couldn't do anything despite being a police officer, which caused tremendous trauma and depression for the father.

And it wasn't just the beatings that made things an absolute nightmare for the young band members. They were also starved to the point that they lost nearly 50 pounds gradually.

Previous reports have also revealed shocking stories of how the boys were beaten in various different methods. From strangulation with guitar strings and the use of baseball bats, it was a mystery how such alleged violence was committed for such a prolonged period of time.

The case is still ongoing at the moment with both producer Moon YoungIl and the head of the agency Kim ChangHwan facing charges related to the incident.


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