Rookie band, The East Light fulfill their promise to return with a new concept and change of music style in order to celebrate the initiation of their maknae member!

The young boys with the average age of 15 will be remixing their debut song, 'Holla', into a EDM sound Indice Dance/Nu Disco Remix. Instead of the acoustic rock version of their original song, the remix version will feature electronic instruments to create a retro sound that's laced with the funky groove genre.

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With the change of music, the group will also be witnessing a change in their lineup. The maknae, Lee WooJin will finally be joining his older brothers on stage as the 6th member of the band. To better showcase themselves, The East Light is taking off their signature wigs and beanies for a more casual and stylish concept. Drummer and leader, Lee SeokChul will be the DJ for their new stage, while the rest of the boys will showcase their dance number that's designed to steal the hearts of their noona fans.

The East Light will stand on stage for the first time with their new member and new concept at today' KBS "Music Bank". The band's remix album will drop on December 10th at midnight!

The East Light to Stand On Stage For the First Time as 6 Members

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