When we watch teen dramas or movies of U.S, there is ALWAYS the typical girl who has it all and does it all like Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girls. She is rich, smart, a cheer leader, the home coming queen and always live in the drama. The most distinctive characteristic of the character is their look. The sophisticated beauty. She cannot be be defined pretty. There is so much more than that. She looks,, EXPENSIVE. It't not the clothes that make them look such. It's just their inborn aurora! 

Recently, Blair Waldorf was found in K-Pop scene. Jennie of BLACKPINK looked ever more like the it girl in teen dramas in one stage because of her fashion. But, we all know, the clothes just made the realize that she HAD such look, not that she gained such look by the clothes. She was already called the walking GUCCI in Korea because of her elegant aurora. 

Here are the moments where she reminded of her fans that she is the typical character in teen dramas.

We should really make a teen drama out of her. Who could be appropriate as her Chuck Bass?

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