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While K-Pop idols are famous and popular amongst K-Pop fans, we haven't seen too many idols have the same amount of fame outside of the scene, of course with the exception of BTS.

So who exactly is this 'K-Pop dude' that many people seem to be wondering about? And what exactly is a 'K-Pop dude'?

Long story short, a particular K-Pop idol caught the attention of non K-Pop fans a while back because he was being used as viral memes. Since they didn't know his name, they just called him the 'K-Pop dude'.

The K-Pop idol is none other than SHINee member TaeMin.

The 'K-Pop Dude' Who Became Famous Outside Of K-Pop Through Memes



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Oct 28, 2019 02:55 am

I’m seeing this shitty article a bit late but shinee debuted long ago and are soo fucking famous all over the world