The K-Pop Idol Who Is Still Popular In Japan Despite Korea Japan Tensions And Recent Controversies

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The K-Pop Idol Who Is Still Popular In Japan Despite Korea Japan Tensions And Recent Controversies



South Korea and Japan have always been enemies since the very beginning and continue to remain hostile towards each other. This consequently has it’s side effects that stretches even as far into the K-Pop industry.

Just recently, BTS has been in the center of a controversy after JiMin wore a t-shirt that depicted the bombing of Japan and South Korea’s liberation. This has caused BTS’s appearance on Asahi TV’s ‘Music Station’ to be canceled. In addition, many Japanese netizens became highly critical and annoyed that JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE was invited to NHK’s ‘Kōhaku Uta Gassen’.

If things continue at this rate, it would naturally become increasingly difficult for K-Pop idols to promote in Japan, and given that Japan is a market that is within close proximity and still generates substantial profit to the industry, it doesn’t help for business.

But, there seems to be one idol who doesn’t seem to face as much problems as the rest when it comes to Japan. And that is former TVXQ member JaeJoong. In fact, a lot of TVXQ’s success is partially due to their popularity in Japan as well. And JaeJoong, though he is neither in TVXQ or SM Entertainment, continues to remain popular in Japan.

According to reports from South Korean news agencies, the K-Pop idol is set to appear on ‘Utacon’ on November 27th while also appearing on TV show ‘Sarameshi’ on the same day.


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Because Jaejoong is not only a Kpop idol, but he is an artist. Japanese citizens have considered Jaejoong as part of them. The same applies to all members / former members of DB5K / TV5XQ / Toho5hinki.
In addition to Jaejoong’s behavior that he has shown, getting sympathy and appreciation from Japanese citizens. And don’t forget the number of Jaejoong fans there.


Claro k es un ídolo 15 años de carrera lo respaldan


Jaejooong’s great appeal and attractiveness is universal, without borders and for always. Jaejoong is pure and unafraid Love.