After the tragic death of 100% member MinWoo, the K-Pop idol's previous Instagram post is being re-examined by netizens at the moment.

The post is entirely written in incomplete Korean alphabets, meaning that it won't be able to be deciphered with 100% certainty behind the meaning. But there is a very high chance that current deciphered version is most likely what MinWoo was actually saying through his post.

The Meaning Behind 100% MinWoo's Instagram Post Before His Death


Deciphered transcript:

"It's been three months since I've been discharged from the military. How much longer do I have to be patient T.O.P Media? I've done everything that you guys asked for the past ten years. What have I done wrong? My patience is running out now. If you guys can't handle it, then let me go! Don't you feel any pity for me? I can't even sleep because of the frustration, which is why I'm writing all of this. I just want to work now."

Netizens have been criticizing T.O.P Media for not providing the proper support to MinWoo as an entertainment agency.


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