For all drama lovers out there, we have good news for you as a new drama, "The Miracle We Met", will be airing its first episode tonight on KBS!

An even better news for EXO fans is that EXO's Kai will appearing in the drama as the role of 'Messenger Ato'. The main plot of this drama talks about how when a man died after a car accident, he found his spirit living in another person's body. As a result, he had to take care of his original family as well as the family of the man whose his spirit had entered.

"The Miracle We Met" To Air Its First Episode With EXO's Kai


Starring actor and actresses such as Kim MyungMin, Kim HyunJoo and Ra MiRan, this drama is highly anticipated because of its interesting plot and of course the character which Kai will be playing.

It was revealed by the writer that 'Messenger Ato' is not only a messenger but also someone who has the visual of a male deity. With his superb visual, it is no wonder that Kai was casted for this particular role!


This is not the first time Kai has acted in a drama. His previous works includes SBS "To The Beautiful You", KBS "Andante" and Japanese drama "Haru ga Kita" by WOWOW.

Fans are excited for his acting as it has been a while since they last saw him on the small screen.

"The Miracle We Met" will be airing on KBS every Monday and Tuesday at 10PM (KST).


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