The Most Beloved Song of the Year from 2008-2017 based on Melon Chart

SNSD Gee, Wonder Girls, Apink, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, SISTAR, Shark It, Alone, No No No. Mr Chu, Gee, Chee Up, SIGNAL, TWICE

Though there are a number of great songs, some are remembered for a long time but others are forgotten easily though it made a huge hit.

The songs which are not forgotten easily mostly live through a year by hummings of people and the songs from the stores. Such songs must have an element of addiction while satisfying all other factors as well. The musicians or idols who have sung such songs and the composers who have made the song earn money by copyrights for numerous years because people never stop strimming the song even after few years.

Such songs bring us back the memories of when the song was released so, people tend to listen and sing the old popular songs for fun with friends. 

Curious of what songs there were that were so popular that they lived through almost a year with fame after its release and still listened until now? Here is the history of those songs since 2008-2017!

2008 – Wonder Girls, ‘So Hot’ 


2009 – SNSD, ‘GEE’


2010- miss A, ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’


2011- T-ARA, ‘Roly Poly’


2012- SISTAR, ‘Alone’


2013- Apink, ‘No No No’


2014 – Apink, ‘Mr. Chu’


2015- SISTAR, ‘Shake It’


2016- TWICE, ‘Chee Up’


And 2017 – Red Velvet ‘Red Flavor’ Vs.  TWICE, ‘SIGNAL’ Vs. BLACKPINK, ‘As If It’s Your Last’

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