When we call someone a successful fan, it is a fan who has encountered one's idol in a way that no other fans could easily do. For example, SeolHyun of AOA is a successful fan of TaeYeon because TaeYeon told her that it's okay to approach her on the radio. Hani of EXID is another successful fan of ARin of OH MY GIRL because ARin wrote her a hand written letter.

There is another truly successful fan found, and it turned out the be P.O of BLOCK B. He has been a long fan of Sandara Park, a former member of 2NE1. His background pictures in his cell phone and laptop is a picture of her. His fans already knew of how much a fan he is of her. 

This fan of Sandara is now going to be LIVING with her. P.O has been a member of "Outrageous Roommates" and as their new member, Sandara came!! As soon as he met her, he started to panic and could not resist smiling unconsciously. Him looking truly happy made fans laugh and call him a successful fan.

The Most Successful Fan of All, P.O of BLOCK B Lives with His Ideal Girl


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