The Reason Why Key Left SHINee’s Dorm



The Reason Why Key Left SHINee’s Dorm

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Super Noona

There are many K-Pop idol groups who behave like siblings as they usually live together.

And we know that sibling often get into arguments with each often and aren’t always in the mood to show some love.

Such was the case with SM Entertainment idol group SHINee.

During KBS2’s ‘Happy Together’, EXO member BaekHyun stated that all the group members would have a “meeting” for the purposes of calling each other out and express complaints. SHINee member Key stated that SHINee also did the same. He said

“SHINee members would talk about each others’ flaws. I was once told that I spoke in a strange manner. I found it outrageous.”

And as we know, Key and MinHo weren’t always the best of friends from the beginning, especially during their earlier days. Key added

“There was one instance when I saw MinHo coming out of his room. And I had the sudden urge to just go up to him and smack him on the head. And then it came to my mind that I should just leave the dorm.”

But thankfully, their relationship with each other is much better now.


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