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It takes more than just prettiness and handsome to be looking noble and sophisticated. One would need a unique aurora to be looking so, and sad to say, it's not easily earned but born within. However, some people seem to attain the aurora as they grow old. When one attains such image as one grows older, the sophisticated beauty is deeper than ever.

On July 8th, SM Entertainment held a concert "SMTOWN Live 2017." SMTOWN Live is a concert held annually within SM entertainment, where idols and musicians only from SM performs.

In this year SMTOWN Live, among all the dazzling people, fans found a royal family, a king, a queen and a prince. Fans say, they could not take their eyes off of the three. They were just sensational, more than that can be explained by words. 

So can you take a guess on who might be the kings and queens of SM?

The king turned out to be YunHo of TVXQ, and his queen was BoA. Their son, the prince was XiuMin of EXO. So here is the royal family of SM Entertainment. 

Meet the king!

The Royal Family Found in SMTOWN Concert



Meet the queen!

The Royal Family Found in SMTOWN Concert

Made in B


Meet the prince!

The Royal Family Found in SMTOWN Concert


So, does that make the entertainment building a palace? Who do you think is best to take the princess role?

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Oct 13, 2018 06:09 am

You mean aura, not aurora....