The Things K-Pop Idols Teach You To Never Do

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The Things K-Pop Idols Teach You To Never Do

exo do chanyeol water


There are some things that you shouldn’t do.

But some K-Pop idols had to learn it the hard way and go through a bit of pain in the process.

You can check them out below!


It’s Best To Stay Afar From Someone Doing Jump Ropesbts gif


Do Not Throw Things, Especially When There Are Friends In Close Proximity And Can Become An Accidental Targetshinee gif



We Don’t Even Know How…But Yes, It’s Best Not To Have Balloons Inside Your Pants, Kids.

bigbang gif



Always Make Sure The Person You Call In Front Of Everyone Hasn’t Changed Their Number. Wendy Discovered SeoHyun’s Number Changed On velvet gif


For Practical Reasons, Do Not Run Backwards Like KNK

knk gif



Don’t Play Pranks On People, Because What Goes Around Comes Around. ChanYeol Apparently Hits Pushes D.O To Knock The Bottle Of Water Away, But Gets A Shower Instead.

exo gif



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