There May Potentially Be A Connection Between TXT & LOONA


After the lyric video for TXT‘s ‘Blue Orangeade’ was released, it took a while, but a fan discovered something very interesting about it, raising speculations that LOONA may somehow be involved with Big Hit Entertainment.

The barcode seen in the video actually reveals something very peculiar, as LOONA’s repackaged album [X X] pops up after scanning it.

txt blue orangeade barcode




And given that Big Hit Entertainment announced plans to debut a new girl group, the timing for all of this is insane. Because of this, many fans are also currently suggesting that LOONA actually may be Big Hit Entertainment’s new girl group.

At the moment, Big Hit Entertainment has not responded to the fan buzz.

What do you think? Is there a possibility that LOONA may be Big Hit Entertainment’s girl group?


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