One of the most popular Korean Netflix original series of all time, "Squid Game" has been taking over the world, to say the least. The show stars two of the best actors of the Korean entertainment industry, Lee JungJae and Park HaeSoo alongside rising stars Jung HoYeon and Wi HaJun in the leading roles.

The premise of the story revolves around a group of people drowning in debt and financial crises who are brought together to play a game of life and death to win a massive amount of money. Right from the time of its release, "Squid Game" climbed up the Top 10 charts of the most popular TV shows on Netflix worldwide and spent a considerable amount of time at the #1 position. As per data retrieved on October 4 from FlixPatrol, "Squid Game" is still retaining the #1 position. 

With great popularity, came even greater memes. Here are some of our favourite picks!

Spoiler Alert!

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