BLACKPINK's Lisa is one idol that truly deserves a lot of respect and recognition.

She clearly had what it took to become a member of one of the most popular K-Pop idol girl groups in the scene. She worked hard and her innocent and amicable personality is one quality that can easily be seen just by looking at the way she smiles.

In case you haven't heard, Lisa was recently scammed by her former manager.

And as much as the recent news angers all of us, the way she used to smile and be friendly with her manager, someone who she trusted, will probably leave you feeling even sadder than before.

Below are some of the clips of Lisa interacting with her former manager.

How anyone could betray the trust of Lisa, who was so trusting and friendly, is really difficult to believe. Which is why many domestic fans and netizens have been angered and saddened even more after seeing the clips shown above.

Our hearts go out to you Lisa.

BLACKPINK's highly anticipated comeback is scheduled to be released this year in June.

Stay tuned for updates.

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