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Who doesn't love magic? The joy of the willing suspension of disbelief and engaging in a playful act of calculated deception that makes one feel like the world isn't as black and white after all is truly beyond words or logical explanation.

Like all of us, K-Pop idols too enjoy and are amused by magic and here are 5 instances that show how adorably they reacted when faced with magic!


1. When TXT's TaeHyun absolutely blew Huening Kai's mind

Who would have thought when TXT released their first studio album called "The Dream Chapter: Magic" that there would be an actual magician in the group! We're talking about TaeHyun of course, MOA's very own sassy magician. Huening Kai seemed to be having an actual out-of-body experience as he witnessed TaeHyun cut through his cards like the wind. We have to admit, our reaction wasn't much different either.


2. Kun leaving NCT speechless

Our resident king of magic, NCT's Kun has gained quite the reputation for his unbelievable hand at magic. Moreover, he's so adorable while performing his magic tricks that we can't help but fall for him, and apparently, neither can his members. Lucas and Chenle's eyes were filled with love and wonder as Kun effortlessly made them question reality itself.


3. When EXO couldn't hold back how shook they were

The EXO members did not hold back their fascination at the magic show during the 2016 Melon Music Awards. They openly expressed how surprised and amazed they were and it clearly showed on their faces. After all, being "Nation's Pick" doesn't mean you cannot entertain your inner child.


4. When magician Choi HyunWoo made K-Pop idols lose their minds

Numerous idols including SHINee's TaeMin, EXO's Kai, Kim Samuel, SunMi, and more, looked on in pure shock as famed magician Choi HyunWoo turned water into black tea on an episode of "Happy Together". They simply couldn't not jump out of their seats as they saw magic happen right in front of their eyes. Kai's reactions in particular were definitely the most entertaining.


5. When MAMAMOO's WheeIn couldn't stop squealing in surprise

Different people express their surprise in different ways. For WheeIn, it seems as though she's very verbal about her excitement. When asked to volunteer for a magic trick performed by Choi HyunWoo and Mahdi Gilbert, another highly popular magician, on an episode of "Star King", the MAMAMOO members readily obliged. However, none of them saw the trick coming, which made it even more impactful. WheeIn simply couldn't keep her wonder to herself and it was an absolute treat to watch her be so childishly happy about the card trick.


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