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Generation Z is the term used to refer to individuals born in the middle to late 1990s to early 2010s. As with every generation, Gen Z also has some unique defining characteristics. While it isn’t easy to clearly point them out, they sure are easily identifiable. In other words, you know them when you see them.

Here are 6 male K-Pop idols that exhibit peak Gen Z behavior!


1. TXT's BeomGyu

BeomGyu has a unique way of expressing his love and that is to divert attention from the fact as much as possible. However, it is so obvious that it becomes endearing. This is a very Gen Z characteristic and we love seeing it in action.


2. THE BOYZ's Kevin

Kevin speaks the very language of Gen Z. He’s always making clever references to pop culture, memes and more that fellow Gen Z fans can perfectly relate to. He doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind and clearly, the strict Korean ideals imposed on idols have no impact on Kevin. 


3. NCT's HaeChan

HaeChan lives by his own rules and those around him sometimes automatically comply as well. NCTzens are even convinced that HaeChan has a secret stan account through which he stays on top on everything that’s happening over the internet. 


4. P1Harmony's KeeHo

KeeHo is adorably called the “Gen Z King” of K-Pop idols. While there are many reasons for the same, the ones that stand out the most are his sassy nature, the reactions he has for things and the way he interacts with fans without distancing himself from them. He’s also deeply accepting of his fans and supporting of them too!


5. Stray Kids' I.N

When Stray Kids called I.N their “maknae on top”, they were spot on! I.N loves teasing his hyungs and playing around but he’s still adored by them nonetheless. At the same time, he’s also attentive and caring towards them. As a matter of fact, all of Stray Kids radiates chaotic Gen Z energy. 


6. BTS' JungKook

This list wouldn’t be complete without the BTS maknae, JungKook. JungKook is quite literally the representation of the entire generation. From nailing TikTok trends to questioning his existence at random times, Gen Z definitely related and identifies with JungKook. 




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