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How often do you change your hair color?

For some people, they've never tried it. For others who do regularly, it's probably once every few months. However, for one K-Pop idol, she changed her hair color a total of three times in a period of just one month.

And the hair colors were all drastically different as well, requiring a significant amount of bleaching.

A quick science behind hair coloring and how it works, it's basically chemical reactions of molecules in hair and pigments, as well as peroxide and ammonia.

So which idol changed her hair color three times in one month?

(G)I-DLE's SooJin.

In the month of April, she started out as blonde.


And then, transformed into a mermaid by changing her hair color to blue.

And then, finally, went back to black.




Which version of SooJin is your favorite?


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